Blu Cigs Coupon Codes

The advantage of online shopping is that it is typically cheaper than buying goods from a real store. Reduced overheads means savings can be passed on to customers.

Here are the latest Blu Cigs coupon codes, deals and promos for 2015:


Save Up To 20% On Blu Disposables




Affiliate marketing and loyalty reward points, promoted by so many companies to encourage loyalty, add to price reductions which savvy customers take advantage of if they know about them. In the electronic cigarette industry, all of these systems are used to win customers and keep them. Even an industry trend setter and popular brand like them never rests on their laurels.

The Blu Cigs Coupon

There are several coupons available: just go to Facebook or visit Twitter. Social networks are great places to find coupon codes or to find out where they are listed. Other e smokers and people using the Blu Cig electronic cigarette particularly are more than happy to share what they know about the brand, including their experiences and also how to save money.

These coupon codes can also be accessed on websites where electronic cigarettes are sold, reviewed, or discussed. Once you have the code you want, visit Blu Cig’s catalogue and figure out what you want to buy next.


Pre Sale

How Much Can You Save?

How much money you save by using coupons varies. Sometimes you redeem a dollar amount. Most of the time savings amount to a percentage. The most common code refers to a 10% coupon which has no expiry date. Use it to save 10% on any order: there is no minimum. Limited-time offers have also popped up offering greater discounts.

In Addition

If you are already a customer, you know there is another way to save money: reward points. The company gives out 50 points for every pack of cartridge refills and every time a client buys another battery or other accessory. These add up quickly and can be used to buy items or take money off of an order. Add a coupon code and suddenly, your shopping experience got a lot cheaper, as if electronic smoking was not already much cheaper than puffing on cancer sticks.

Company Review

Blu Cigs was at the forefront in 2009 when electronic cigarettes started to enter the scene in a big way. They were ready to face the challenges of promoting a burgeoning industry in the face of skepticism and criticism.

Since then they have developed a reputation as one of the finest e cig products available to new vapers and they are happy to stay that way. In this review, I will explore the company’s image and products.

Blu NationSocial Media

It’s not often that a company is big enough to launch its own social media network, but Blu Cigs has done it. Their customer base is wide to make Blu Nation a busy and worthwhile place to visit for company and industry news and conversations. Their website is wonderful, but Blu Nation provides real time interaction.

Online Resource

The BluCig website is an interesting source of information, not just about electronic cigarettes in the “e cig 101” sense, but more. Their writers explore vaping culture and the way electronic cigarettes have impacted society.

Vaping Freedom

This company promotes the notion that vapers should enjoy the freedom to vape without fear of the government or any stigma. Their Freedom Project has launched a series of indoor concerts where participants will be encouraged to vape inside at locations across the United States.

It’s important that they stress the “indoor” nature of these events. Advocates argue that the vapor produced by e cigs is safe for anyone to inhale. Participating members of Blu Nation have the chance to win concert tickets.

A U.S. Company is from the United States. Their president, Jason Healy, gives his own impassioned take on this growing pastime on their website. The e-liquid comes from U.S. juice manufacturer Johnson Creek, which does not use propylene glycol in their liquids.

Products by Blu Cigs

There are just three starter kits to choose from: a Blu Rechargeable Kit, Blu Premium Rechargeable Kit, and the Blu Premium 100 Rechargeable Kit.

The first of these carries a $34.99 price tag, which is an affordable way to start vaping. Choose tobacco, menthol, or a variety of flavors. Your kit contains a slim battery charging pack resembling a cigarette package. This is a wireless, portable carry case and charger in one. Also find two batteries, a USB cord, and five cartridges. A one-year warranty is included.

Kit No.2 is the $79.95 Premium package with two batteries, a Premium Charging Pack, a wall adapter, USB charger, and your choice of 5 cartridges. The Premium Charging Pack, when sold separately, carries a value of $35 and has a light that flashes when other Blu Cigs users have lit up in your vicinity.

The final starter kit is a Premium 100 for $89.95. Premium 100 batteries are longer than the originals and not compatible with original cartridges. This kit is the same as a Premium kit in every way, just more powerful.

Cartridge Replacements

Cartridge prices sit at around the middle of the price table: $12.80 for five originals, $13 for five Premium 100 cartridges. Johnson Creek supplies BluCigs with the following flavors: Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Cherry Crush, Vivid Vanilla, Pina Colada, Peach Schnapps, and Java Jolt.

This short menu of just seven flavors has the potential to wear thin rapidly, except that the quality is high. Johnson Creek does a good job with their juices.

Battery Replacements

Each Premium 100 battery is priced $8.95, $1 more than originals. In this business, for a branded battery, that’s decent. Chargers cost $7.95 each with the exception of a portable charging pack charger for $9.95.

Weighing Up Blu Cigs

There probably isn’t a snazzier looking mini cig available today. They look great and perform well. Originals weigh about the same as real cigarettes and are roughly the same length, an important fact for anyone who is searching for that one e cig that will fool them into vaping without stressing over the cigarettes they gave up.

Unfortunately, a small battery’s output is limited and it has to be charged every 1 ½ hours or so. Blu Cigs doesn’t say that in their advertising.

Their starter kits, however, acknowledge this shortcoming. Each one comes with a charging pack. Of course: now you know why they included this wonderful accessory even in their smallest kit and why that $40 starter comes with two batteries.

They lose out, however, when their vapers decide that even the Premium 100 isn’t big enough. Eventually, the client who only wanted to transition away from cigarettes will get tired of the expense and work of vaping (charging batteries and ordering products online) even though e cigs were cheaper than cigarettes.

Another group of vapers will see the potential in eGo cigs and wish would give them what they need. One gets the impression that the company isn’t interested in expanding in this way. Their expansion is cultural, philosophical, and corporate. The individual client is not really part of this family if he stands to be ousted when he outgrows his training batteries.

Clearly they had all of this in mind with their recent release of the BLU PLUS kits and their new tank, with larger batteries and cartridges, so they last longer, and of course these are available in 1000’s stores across the country.

They haven’y gotten to the eGo style battery selection yet, though they do have a specific niche that is clearly working, and Blu Cigs is altruistic in the sense that they offer an alternative which is just for adults. Rather than turning their line into a carnival of flavors and colors, they stick with a basic cigalike format and its essential function as an alternative to cigarettes.

Starter Kits

Have you ever wished a company would pull on the reins and not offer so many starter kits? Or did you visit a few companies that carry just one and wondered where the rest of your options were? Blu Cigs cuts down the middle with their three starter kits, but that number is deceptive in a way too.

Two Types of E Cigs

Blu Cigs starter kits contain either original or Premium 100 batteries, and they don’t work with the same cartridges. It’s not that big a deal, but the point is the product line is pretty small. Where certain kits (by V2 Cigs, etc.) contain things like USB cigarettes, cartomizer blanks, and various levels of vaping hardware, offers one style of kit essentially.

Premium100 E-Cigarette Rechargeable KitThree Kits at Blu Cigs

Each of the 3 packages contains a portable charging case, two batteries, chargers, and five refill cartridges. They don’t have a couples’ kit, a bigger starter kit with two different-sized batteries, or one containing 10 or 20 replacement cartridges. They are all cigalikes.

A Blu Rechargeable Kit costs $34.99. The price tag is low for a product containing two batteries and a slim charging pack. A USB charging cord and 5 cartridges are included in tobacco, menthol, or a variety.

Since the next price up is $79.95, you will understandably wish to know why the difference is so big. The bigger charging kit costs $35 on its own compared to about $13 for the slim version found in the cheapest package. Also, the bigger kit contains an AC adapter. A Premium Charging Pack lights up with a social feature that tells users another Blu Cig consumer is nearby.

Finally, there is the Blu Premium 100 priced $89.95. A Premium 100 battery is longer than an Original battery found in the kits listed above. The extra vaping time you get out of it accounts for the extra $10.

Pre-filled Cartridges

They don’t offer blank refill cartridges, just pre-fills. Johnson Creek juice is designed to work with their atomizers and is probably pretty thick since it doesn’t contain propylene glycol. Original cartridges cost $12.80 for 5. Pay $13 to buy 5 Premium 100 refills.

Their seven flavors are Magnificent Menthol, Classic Tobacco, Vivid Vanilla, Cherry Crush, Java Jolt, Peach Schnapps, and Pina Colada. It’s a short menu, especially considering there is no possibility of retaining cartridges and refilling with e-liquid from a bottle. At least, Johnson Creek makes high quality liquid from U.S. ingredients. Cartridge prices aren’t bad either.


Batteries, even rechargeable ones, have a life cycle. Expect your Blu Cigs battery to wear out every few months, after which time a single Original will cost $7.95. Add another dollar and that is the price of Premium 100 batteries.

Even though they aren’t big batteries, when you look at what other brands are charging for theirs and how sleek these are with their blue LED tips, those prices look amazing. An AC, USB, or car charger costs you $7.95. The one other charger is for your portable charging case and it sells for $9.95.