Blu Cigs Coupon Codes

The advantage of online shopping is that it is typically cheaper than buying goods from a real store. Reduced overheads means savings can be passed on to customers.

Here are the latest Blu Cigs coupon codes, deals and promos for 2015:


Save Up To 20% On Blu Disposables




Affiliate marketing and loyalty reward points, promoted by so many companies to encourage loyalty, add to price reductions which savvy customers take advantage of if they know about them. In the electronic cigarette industry, all of these systems are used to win customers and keep them. Even an industry trend setter and popular brand like them never rests on their laurels.

The Blu Cigs Coupon

There are several coupons available: just go to Facebook or visit Twitter. Social networks are great places to find coupon codes or to find out where they are listed. Other e smokers and people using the Blu Cig electronic cigarette particularly are more than happy to share what they know about the brand, including their experiences and also how to save money.

These coupon codes can also be accessed on websites where electronic cigarettes are sold, reviewed, or discussed. Once you have the code you want, visit Blu Cig’s catalogue and figure out what you want to buy next.


Pre Sale

How Much Can You Save?

How much money you save by using coupons varies. Sometimes you redeem a dollar amount. Most of the time savings amount to a percentage. The most common code refers to a 10% coupon which has no expiry date. Use it to save 10% on any order: there is no minimum. Limited-time offers have also popped up offering greater discounts.

In Addition

If you are already a customer, you know there is another way to save money: reward points. The company gives out 50 points for every pack of cartridge refills and every time a client buys another battery or other accessory. These add up quickly and can be used to buy items or take money off of an order. Add a coupon code and suddenly, your shopping experience got a lot cheaper, as if electronic smoking was not already much cheaper than puffing on cancer sticks.