Blu Tanks

At last, Blu Cigs is doing something to draw positive attention. For a while there all they got was negative press regarding their batteries that died too soon.

Consumers were so peeved with Blu Cigs it seemed a miracle that they could survive the onslaught. But they did.

Now the company is finished with their music tour and is concentrating on a new product: the Blu Cigs Tank.

Blu TanksNot Really a Tank

But I have to say it took me by surprise to discover that Blu Cigs was not introducing an advanced kit with a refillable tank or at least a clearomizer.

This “tank” they refer to is just a bigger cartomizer.

It fits onto Blu Cigs Premium 100 battery and also onto a new battery. Together, they form the Blu Plus+.

Blu Plus+ Specifications

In this format, you have the choice of 4 flavors plus a limited edition variety: Carolina Bold. The others are Cherry Crush, Magnificent Menthol, Vivid Vanilla, and Classic Tobacco.

Blu Cigs says this cartridge will provide a draw more similar to that of puffing on a real cigarette and will last 100% longer than their regular cartridges. This sounds familiar: like the V2 Cigs Ex, except possibly bringing Blu Cigs up to par with Classic in terms of vaping duration.

Blu Plus

The battery for this kit (available in black) will recharge in just 30 minutes and the LED light has been upgraded. Now the vaper will see it, not just passers by. A kit contains 3 tanks (2.4% or 1.2% for tobacco flavors, but there is a zero-nicotine option for the others) and 2 batteries plus recharging equipment.

Buying the Kit

What’s the price?

This is where the topic becomes hazy: you can’t buy the kit online but are directed to a map of vendors who carry this product. So if you are able to locate a vendor, call the store to find out if the Blu Plus+ Kit is on shelves.

At least you can buy replacement cartridges from Blu Cigs: three at a time for $14.99. It’s not the cheapestĀ priceĀ out there, though part of that reason is their quality, as well as US-Made e-juice.

If Blu were to make details of pricing and cartomizer capacity clearer, it may be weasier to make more specific comparisons. For instance, if they contained close to 2 ml of e liquid, $14.99 for 3 tanks would be fine. If they contain 1.2 ml or something like that, then these are not the cheapest.

Here’s an unboxing video from their YouTube channel:

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